Each Reusable Scarf Mask face covering  is made with a double layer of protection, plus 2 remove able pad inserts 

Versatile by folding down, so you can later wear as a fashionable scarf neck covering  

Contains one scarf and 2 mouth round pads, 
, scarfs are washable.
Made from polyester
Use as a fashion scarf, a mask or a hair bandana! 

This face covering mask is not a replacement for a medical grade  PPE, and is to be used at your own discretion and responsibility.

Comes packaged in black pillow box 
Assortment of 5 colours in the pack 

Pack of 15 boxes only $180 wholesale ( only $12each)

Due to COVID19 health and safety regulations we are unable to accept this product for return under the terms of our Returns Policy. 

Delivery dispatch 15th August

Scarf face masks covering pack 15


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