Each Reusable Scarf Mask face covering  is made with a double layer of , plus 2 removeable face filters and 1 pm 2.5 filter pad 

Versatile by folding down, so you can later wear as a fashionable scarf neck covering  

Contains one scarf
, scarfs are washable and should be washed after each wash
Made from polyester
Use as a fashion scarf, a mask or a hair bandana! 

This face covering mask is not a replacement for a medical grade  PPE, and is to be used at your own discretion and responsibility.

Comes packaged in black pillow box 
Assortment of 6 colours 
Please list 2 colours required! 

Due to COVID19 health and safety regulations we are unable to accept this product for return under the terms of our Returns Policy. 

Any 2 scarf face mask coverings $40


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